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Terms & Conditions

Please note, until we have received the booking fee other bookings may be made for the above date and availability for the date shown above cannot be guaranteed. By paying the booking fee, the client secures the date and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The client acknowledges that once the final invoice has been issued no further alterations can be made to the booking.

  2. The client acknowledges that in the event of a reduction to the quoted value, The Floral Artisan will be able to accommodate these changes to a minimum spend of £1500 anything below which would be seen as a client based cancelation of services.

  3. The final invoice must be paid in full, six weeks prior to the event. Should the services of The Floral Artisan be cancelled within the six week period of the event, the full amount will be liable and no refunds will be given.

  4. If, in the unlikely event that The Floral Artisan is unable to fulfil the service due to illness or due to un foreseen circumstances on the day of the event, the client will be informed at the earliest opportunity and where possible a replacement florist of equivalent skill will be found to fulfil the service.

  5. The client acknowledges that the booking fee is non refundable.

  6. The client acknowledges that should postponement to the event occur, The Floral Artisan will endeavour to move the booking to another date if there is availability for this. However, if there is no longer availability for the new date the client acknowledges that this is seen as a cancellation and the booking fee and/or final invoice (within six weeks of the event) is non refundable. 

  7. Though every effort will be made to obtain specifically requested flowers, please be aware that all flowers are subject to supplier based availability. Should a specific flower not be available, the client will be contacted and on discussion a suitable alternative identified and used.

  8. The client understands that in the event of any breakages or missing items relating to all property on hire from The Floral Artisan, the full cost of replacement will be charged.

  9. An initial consultation is included within the total quoted price, however any additional onsite or in person consultations will incur an additional charge of £30 per hour which will be added to the final invoiced amount.

  10. Any samples arrangements are charged at The Floral Artisans discretion but will be identified to the client in advance.

  11. In the event the initial consultation and/or quote is undertaken in excess of nine months prior to the event, the client accepts that all flower prices are an estimate and can be subject to supplier/market increases. This will be identified to the client prior to the final invoice and on discussion if required a suitable alternative will be identified and used.

  12. The client agrees that The Floral Artisan shall be the exclusive supplier of all the floral products for the term of the booking. The client agrees not to purchase floral products from any other supplier other than The Floral Artisan unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing by The Floral Artisan. 

  13. Unless it is otherwise communicated in written form all items, products and waste relative to The Floral Artisan will be removed within 24 hours following the event. 

  14. The Floral Artisan does not accept responsibility for any injuries caused to any person/s relating the The Floral Artisans equipment, props, hired items or arrangements.

  15. Items hired from The Floral Artisan are the total responsibility of the client from the of collection/delivery until the point at which they are collected/returned.

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