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For help on your special day or to check my availability, simply fill in a few details below!

A huge congratulations to you both on your upcoming wedding, it’s such an exciting time for you. I will be in touch very soon, Lucy!

Bespoke Wedding Flowers by The Floral Artisan

Flowers are an important sensual addition to each wedding, adding colour, fragrance and your personal expression to any venue. to ensure your ideas and visions of your very special day are brought to life, we guarantee exclusive attention to each couple. By working closely with you, myself and team are able to tailor each design to compliment your special day with the perfect floral arrangements made with the highest quality and freshest of flowers.

These fully Bespoke packages start from £1500 and you simply need to complete the form above to learn more.


At The Floral Artisan we absolutely understand that everyone has different budgets and/or would just like a more simplified process, as a result we designed our immensely popular range of packages to accommodate this, for more information click here. 

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